Available jobs

We are always looking for new talents who are passionate about their skills and carrier, and want to make a difference at
Despec. If this is you, but you have not found a job at our website matching your profile, please feel free to send us an unsolicited
application. If we find a match between you and a potential job, we will reach out to you.

Available jobs:

Sorry, we have no available jobs at the moment.

Your personal data:

When you apply for a job at Despec we use your information solely in connection with a potential recruitment process. Once this
process is finished, we make sure your information is deleted.

If you send us an unsolicited application, we would very much like to store it for up to 6 months. In that way we are able to reach
you, should we get a vacant position, which matches your profile. Of course, we ask your permission for that as well.  


Branch Office Manager,
Karl Brynjólfsson

Direct:   +354 544 5533
Mobile:   +354 899 0032

E-mail: kb@despec.is

Recruiting & On-boarding

How is our recruitment process?

When you have applied for a job and you are in a recruitment process at Despec, we try to structure the process in a way, which is effective, informing and simple for everyone involved. 

We always serve the local need. Therefore, you might experience differences in the recruitment process from time to time, across countries and departments.

Whether or not you are the right candidate for a particular job, it is important for us that you have had a good and professional experience with us, from first to last point of contact.

How is the training and on-boarding?

When you become a part of Despec, you can expect that we will do our best to make sure you are well equipped when you enter your new job. Your manager will prepare your on-boarding customized for you and your job. In addition, your manager will match you with a mentor from your first day on the job. A mentor is a colleague in your department, who you can ask questions and who will follow your training, introduction to the job and inclusion in the team and the Despec culture.