Despec's privacy policy

In the following, you can read about Despec's policy for processing your personal information that you provide when you visit Despec's website and use the different services of the website.


Despec's collection of your personal information

We collect your personal information, which you provide on Despec's website or as you give your consent to.

When is the collection

When you visit, you will be informed about the collection of your personal information. Use of services on Despec's website, such as logging in to the webshop, job applications, etc., requires that you provide certain personal information. Similarly, if you sign up for events and newsletters.

What information is collected

The personal information collected by Despec may for example include your name, e-mail address, company address, job title, and similar identification information, as well as login information if you are assigned to such in connection with the use of Despec's services. In addition, information about your activities at

For what purpose is the information collected

Despec collects your personal information in order to complete your registration or provide a given service to you, sign you up for the requested facilities, and to be able to send newsletters and other information about our company and our services, if you request it. In addition, Despec collects your personal information for internal market research, targeted marketing and statistics. Only those who request it will receive emails or other messages from us with newsletters, offers, etc. You always have the opportunity to indicate later that you do not want to receive any inquiries from us.

Despec's disclosure of your personal information

Your personal information is disclosed to entities and companies of Despec, including subsidiaries and affiliates. Your personal information will not be subject to any other external disclosure without your consent, unless authorized by law. Despec does not use or disclose your personal information for marketing purposes, including sending you e-mails with advertising content, unless you have requested and accepted this.

Despec may also disclose your personal information to public authorities or others to the extent that this is governed by applicable law, or Despec will be required to pass the information on by a competent court.

Third party treatment

Despec may choose to use data servers, including software providers, website hosting, social and professional media backup, security and storage. Your personal information will therefore be left to third parties, directed by Despec to process your personal information on behalf of Despec. Data Processors only handle your personal information for the specific purposes for which the information is collected.

Your personal data may be transferred to other countries outside the EU/EEA, and countries that do not have laws that provide special protection for personal data.

Despec commits these data administrators to treat your personal information confidentially and to take the necessary technical and organizational security measures against accidental or illegal destruction, loss or deterioration or disclosure to the unauthorized person, misused or otherwise processed in violation of the Personal Data Act.

Storage of personal information

Despec only retains your personal information as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which your personal information has been collected.

Protection of your personal information

Despec strives to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information as best as possible. Despec has implemented security measures for this purpose.

Your right to gain insight into what information Despec deals with

You are entitled to gain insight into what kind of personal information Despec is processing about you. You also have the right to object to the collection and to the further processing of your personal information.

Despec's use of cookies

On the website, cookies are used. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the web browser on your computer, smartphone, iPad or whatever else you browse the web with when you visit the website. Cookies make it possible to recognize your computer, etc. and collect information about your online behavior, including what pages and features that are visited with your browser, and it ensures that it works purely technically. In some cases, cookies are the only way to get a website to function as intended. A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information on your computer, spread computer viruses or other harmful malware. It is anonymous and contains no personal information. Cookies are used by virtually all websites.

Correction or deletion of your personal information

If you want Despec to correct or delete personal information that Despec has collected about you or if you do not want to receive more messages from us, please contact us.