Employee statements

Christian Findshøj, Account Manager

Personally, I like the development I have experienced at Despec. After 2 years as Sales & Marketing Representative, I have now been given the opportunity to become an Account Manager. I greatly appreciate the confidence and the personal and professional development at Despec."

Monica Runestam, Nordic Category Manager

"At Despec there is room for differences and committed employees at all levels. Here's a great focus on our customers and a down-to-earth culture."

Thomas von Wowern, Product Sales Specialist, Print/Print Solutions

"Team-spirit is a term commonly used in many businesses. At Despec, it is truly present. Regardless of professional level, we all help each other out. As a result, we continue being the dedicated specialists that we are, and at the same time have fun in the office."

Lars Bertram Pedersen, Warehouse Manager

"I really like that all groups of employees are close to each other - both in the office and the warehouse. Often the CEO and others are stopping by the warehouse and it creates a good working relationship, when you understand the importance of each other's work."

Dorte Persson, Warehouse Assistant

"When you meet people around the house, everyone is welcoming towards each other. I feel, I’m a part of Despec, like you are a part of a family, and I feel my work is worth as much as everyone else in the house."

Britt Listøl Ørbech, Sales Manager

"Despec is "global but local" - in the sense that we are a major player in Scandinavia, and yet I find that we are very local. We are perceived as being local, and we work locally with our customers."

Mira Pelkonen, Customer Support

"I started working at the warehouse in Despec and after some time I applied for a vacant position in Customer Support - and got it. I am very happy to be part of a company with the opportunity to grow and develop yourself."