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The world is changing, and so is the world of data security. 10 years ago, privacy filters were just another accessory. But as working outside of the office has become much more common, 3M™ Privacy Filters are an even more essential component of a comprehensive IT data security plan. The threat of visual hacking is rapidly increasing. By using a privacy filter your displayed data is protected, at all locations. Based on brand awareness, attitude, usage and tracking study, 3M is recognized as leader when it comes to privacy filters.

Below we have highlighted the four different 3M filter features - choose the one, which fits your needs!

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Privacy Filters

These filters provide greater data privacy protection and higher clarity for laptops/desktops. The most secure filter.

High Clarity
Privacy Filters

Clarity filters help increase the data protection on monitors or laptops without sacrificing the screen clarity.

privacy filters

These filters block unwanted side views of your laptop or desktop screens and are the most sold filters in our range.

Privacy filters

3M’s innovative optical technology diffuses mirror-like reflections to keep what’s on the screen clear and visible.