AF International

– aftercare for all your tech at home, work and on the move

Established over 40 years ago, AF are the leading global manufacturer of specialist IT and office product cleaning solutions. From our Head Office in the UK, we export globally and have a growing presence in over 55 countries around the world. Manufacturing on three continents allows for a secure supply network and continuous product availability.

The AF product range has been carefully developed by our Research and Development Teams to provide the very best in cleaning solutions. AF International embrace a strong ethos of continuous development and innovation.

By choosing to purchase AF branded cleaning solutions from Despec you can be assured that you will receive effective, innovative and compliant products designed to meet your cleaning requirements.  

Advanced Technology Cleaning 

A workstation is no longer exclusive to the office environment; due to changing technology trends, an individual’s workstation can be at home, on the move or in the office. AF International offer a wide variety of innovative, high quality products to meet the requirements of many different working environments.

In this range you will discover cleaning solutions for a variety of office and specialist technology cleaning requirements such as; screens, spray-dusters, whiteboards printers and more.

Legally Compliant and Environmentally Friendly

AF’s spraydusters are all non-flammable, ideal for blasting dust from inaccessible or hard to reach areas of equipment and are fully compliant with the recent changes to F-Gas legislation.  

Core – Home and Office Workstation Cleaning

The Core Range showcases a variety of essential home and office workstation cleaning solutions that keep any workstation free from grime. The range offers pump sprays, kits, cloths and foam cleaners to suit a wide variety of cleaning requirements, on the go or in the office.

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Specialist Cleaning Range

New to 2017, the specialist cleaning range defined by the gunmetal grey packaging encompasses a selection of ATM and card reader cleaning, alongside the cleaning wipes designed for the PPE sector.

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Capsule Whiteboard Range

The capsule cleaning range has everything to keep whiteboards in pristine condition, suitable for a variation of environments. Whether you prefer a pump spray or an all-round kit the capsule range offers an assortment of cleaning solutions to keep whiteboard surfaces in their best condition.

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