Á þessari síðu færðu aðgang að söluverkfærum HP, sem segja þér allt sem þú þarft að vita. Þar fyrir utan finnur þú hagnýtar upplýsingar varðandi áherslu HP á umhverfismál og getur hlaðið niður pdf skrám varðandi HP. Góða skemmtun!

HP Selective Distribution

From November first, 2022, HP implemented selective distribution on HP products and services!

For Despec and other HP distributors this means that everyone who buys or wish to buy HP products with the purpose of reselling them must register themselves to become ”HP Authorized Partner”.

Through ”Selective Partner” HP wants to ensure that HP products are only sold and bought through autorized HP partners and therein protect the brand against illegal handling as well as guarantee that HP's product quality is protected.

If you are not already a registered HP partner, you can do it directly ►

28 million tonnes of CO2e emissions, 2% down on 2020

From reforestation to renewable energy and reuse of materials, here’s how we’ll reach our crucial target of net-zero GHG emissions.

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349,000 workers reached through empowerment programs since 2015

Strengthening the IT supply chain starts with building up essential management skills in our supplier’s workforce. Discover how we develop their capabilities.

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71 million+ people have benefited from HP education programs since 2015

Tomorrow’s agents of change are leveling up today. We’re helping create those opportunities with HP LIFE and many more educational initiatives.

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Amplify, HP Business Partner Program

Make the most of HP’s many benefits by being an HP business partner. HP has a powerful and global partner program designed for the customer-driven digital age. Different partner tiers are offered based on performance, collaboration, and capabilities.

Despec will help you along the way, even if you’re not currently registered with HP.
Feel free to contact your Despec sales representative for more information.

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Driving continuous improvement through our supply chain

Discover the steps we’re taking to improve labor conditions within supplier factories, while our diverse array of partners and suppliers are afforded opportunities and treated with respect.

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Sourcing ethical minerals

We’re dedicated to eliminating conflict-related risks from our supply chain. Discover how we’re doing it.

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Advancing human rights

We champion respect for human rights in everything we do. Find out how we use our scale and influence to promote positive change.

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Find the right supplies

As a customer, you are welcome to use
our Ink & Toner guide, where you can easily find
the right consumables.

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Return your used printer cartridges

As an HP Planet Partner, you can protect the environment by returning your empty original ink and
toner cartridges for recycling.

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HP printers

Are you in search for a specific HP printer, and are in need of help? Try the useful HP "product finder".

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